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Named after the Latin origin of the word creativity, CREO is a non-profit international organization founded in 2020. CREO is committed to enhancing the use of creativity in business, education and everyday life, especially in the context opening new doors in the age of AI. We are not only implementing AI at work, but looking to reshape education by harnessing the power of machine learning and other new technologies. We have also come up with new methodologies such as the “STEM-DAL ” model, which expands on the classic STEM subjects — science, technology, engineering and mathematics, along with design, art and literature — as a balanced creative education system.

How Human & AI Live & CreateTogether

The "AI Creativity Practice Model" is introduced by CREO which summarizes some of the best practices of innovation and creation in human history into a methodology model, the comprehension and execution of the model would be beneficial for businesses, enterprise, education and numerous industries that pursue creativity as creativity accelerators.

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AI Creativity

The "STEM-DAL Model" is inspired and expanded based on the famous "STEM" education, which are considered as crucial subjects for creativity in decades. As early as the 1990s, when Clinton was the president of the United States, he repeatedly expressed his emphasis on STEM education in public speeches. Nowadays, it is a common sense that the overall strength of a country depends on the ability to innovate, which depends on the innovation level of the new labor force. The new labor force refers to peope from kindergarten to university age. Whether the new labor force can have the ability and level of innovation depends on the country's education level in the 4 disciplines of science (S), technology (T), engineering (E) and mathematics (M). After the STEM concept was introduced, the successive US governments have expressed their support for STEM education without exception. The Obama administration invested over 170 million for "cultivating the first generation of innovators" in the STEM field in 2015 alone.

AI Empowers People

AI and humans demonstrate unique strengths when it comes to the creative process. AI is able to perform tireless execution which is more efficient, accurate, inexpensive, and convenient. Human beings are able to summarize, associate, and ultimately execute the result. Thus inventing new theories, new concepts, new technologies, new equipment, new methods, and creating new works which are all manifestations of creativity. The human factor in creativity is indispensable and irreplaceable. The application of AI is more about symbiosis and co-creation with humans instead of replacing all manpower.

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The "STEM-DAL education system" that balances the arts and sciences is the foundation for cultivating AI creativity. Mr. HOW and CREO proposed a STEM-DAL education system suitable for AI creativity training:

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