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Unite Global Innovators to Co-Create & Explore the Boundary of Creativity

Creativity Renaissance in Education and Organizations


CREO AI Creativity Report 1.0

AI is changing our life and work, no matter we hold more expectations or concerns. What makes us human, and how can humans get prepared? After studying 1,600+ application cases across 45+ areas and analyzing related academic publications, we believe that focusing on the collaboration with AI will benefit us far more than dwelling on the competing against AI.

We introduce the concept of “AI Creativity”, the ability for human and AI to co-live and co-create by playing to each other’s strengths to achieve more. AI is a complement to human intelligence, and it consolidates wisdom from all achievements of mankind, making collaboration across time and space possible. AI empowers us throughout the entire creative process, and makes creativity more accessible and more inclusive than ever.

AI Creativity is focusing on how to use AI creatively and how AI can inspire and enhance human creativity.

​We also filed a paper, AI Creativity and the Human-AI Co-creation Model:


STEM-DALB System & AI Creativity Academy

We proposed new way to inspire and leverage AI Creativity in cross-discipline learning and creation:
Science and Art stand at the two ends. Technology brings Science into application, while Design brings Art into application. Meanwhile, Engineering and Business emerge when Technology meets Design, while Mathematics and Literature serve as foundations.

On top of STEM-DALB, we initiated AI Creativity Academy for practice.


SeedCalc: A Wonder Calculator

A group of dads, also CTOs of well-known companies, are exploring how to use the latest technology to better present knowledge and enable interactive learning. Their first product is a Wonder Calculator: enter a number to calculate, and something whose size is close to the result will show up - an animal, an insect, a cell, or a planet...... And the source code has be published at Github, calling for co-creation from all around the world.


Apailang Creativity Land

A group of cross-border innovators have gotten together and are building an outdoor park for kids, themed in creativity and technology, 80,000 square meters big -- Apailang Creativity Land, which will open in Beijing in the summer of 2022.


Came out of the origin of "Creativity" in Latino language, CREO, Creativity Renaissance in Education & Organizations is founded in 2020 by a group of people around the world from high-tech industries, academia and schools. We're focusing on bridging creativity, humanity, technology and education.


The AI Creativity Project is our first initiative. In this project, we aim to integrate global resources to build the systems of methods, tools and courses to help humans co-live and co-create with AI by playing to each other's strengths to achieve more. Welcome to join CREO, initiating or participating in creativity-exploration projects to make a better world.

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